Aluminum alloy fuselage

GII Route has the same aluminium alloy material as the iPhone 6 shell.
The seamless apple process, together with 18 grinding and glaze sandblasting, is exquisite and durable.

Design of Dual-band and Dual-antenna

Using two 3dBi high gain antennas, two WiFi signals can be transmitted simultaneously.
Support high-speed AC transmission protocol.
The antenna has undergone 4,000 artisan-level adjustments, with a wide coverage and a more stable transmission speed.

Integration of Science and Technology with Fashion

"Metal Black" and "Small Blue Lamp" collocation schemes, which are popular with users, deploy excellent sense of technology.
Let the network state be clear at a glance. Of course, you can also turn off and turn on the light at any time to make your sleep more comfortable and healthy.

Incomparable delicacy

In 124 *85.3 *18.6 mm superspace
We built a compact aluminum router
Full-bodied, comfortable handle
At the same time, it achieves super strong structure design and excellent product performance.

USB Extended Interface

GII Route is equipped with USB 2.0 high-speed expansion interface, which can connect U disk and mobile hard disk.
Turn your pole routing into a small home server and share wonderful audio and video files.