Intelligent Wall-Crossing Technology Makes Signals Stronger

Intelligent signal enhancement algorithm based on 802.11 protocol is compatible with 99.9% of current wireless devices.
Distance between intelligent identification device and GII Router to change signal quality according to distance
Increase the signal intensity by more than 30%, so that the transmission distance can reach up to 200 meters.

Make routers as usable as smartphones

Built-in intelligent system makes router easy to use and extensible
It updates automatically and supports remote OTA upgrades so that you can always enjoy the latest functions and security protection.
Innovative use of graphical interface, whether using computers, Pads, mobile phones, etc. can be easily operated, the elderly and children will also use
System built-in six security protection system, so that the home network is indestructible

Remote "palm" control of your router

Each GII Router is equipped with remote control function, you only need to use the mobile phone installation pole routing APP, you can easily use
When you find a rubbing device, you will be notified as soon as possible. You can kick it off with a single click, so that you can enjoy 100% of the bandwidth exclusively.
Anytime, anywhere, you can remotely find and repair network problems in your home by pulling out your mobile phone.
Pay attention to the equipment at home, you can be reminded by Wechat online to prevent children from indulging in the network

Infinitely Extended Intelligent Plug-ins

Let's install plug-ins to get a great online acceleration experience
It will keep you watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, uploading files and so on in real time.
You can install plug-ins as needed to make them a customized router for you